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Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs Supervisory Education Program Specialist (SEP) in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Summary This position is part of the Div of Performance and Accountability, Bureau of Indian Education. As a Supervisory Education Program Specialist (SEP) you will be responsible for planning, organizing, directing, administering and managing system-wide the BIE's Supplemental Education programs, services, functions and activities.. Responsibilities As a Supervisory Education Program Specialist (SEP) GS-1720-15, your typical work assignments may include the following under supervision: Plans, organizes, directs, administers, and manages system-wide the BlE's Supplemental Education programs, services, functions, and activities. Budgetary management of all funds generated through Special Education programs. Directs, manages, and participates in the identification, development, and implementation of Supplemental education goals, objectives, policies and priorities, service programs, and procedures for the purpose of ensuring the efficiency of operations. Responsible for the coordination of the different program requirements with Associate Deputy Directors (Tribally Controlled, Bureau Operated, & Navajo Schools), administrators and staff, ERC, and school -level Supplemental Education coordinators to ensure federal requirements and accountability are met. Serves as a supervisor for DPA Supplemental Education program staff, including those assigned to ERCs, who are engaged in accomplishing the functions specific to Supplemental Education programs. Provides BIE-wide leadership in the formulation of new policies and in the implementation of new and innovative program directions. Serves as a manager over a school improvement monitoring and technical assistance team of education program specialists and assistants with assigned responsibility for providing to the BIE Senior Management advice, guidance, and assistance. Requirements Conditions of Employment Qualifications Applicants must meet the qualification requirements contained in the OPM Standards. For this position, they are listed below. BASIC EDUCATION REQUIREMENT: Basic Education Requirements for the GS-1720 Education Program Specialist (SEP) position. Carefully read the following descriptions of basic education requirements. Select the one that best describes how you meet the Basic Qualification Requirement for the Education Program Specialist (SEP), GS-1720 series. Please note that your answer will be verified against the information you provide in your resume and application. (NOTE: You must submit a complete, legible copy of your official transcript(s) with your application to document academic achievement and receive credit for this basic requirement.) A. Degree: that included or was supplemented by at least 24 semester hours in a field related to the work of the position to be filled, of which at least 9 semester hours must have been in education course. -or- B. Combination of education and experience--at least 24-semester hours in a field related to the work of the position to be filled, of which at least 9 semester hours must have been in education courses, plus appropriate experience or additional education. The experience must reflect the level and kind described in C below. -or- C. Four years of experience that demonstrated a thorough understanding of the principles and practices underlying the work of this series. This experience must have been of such character and diversity to demonstrate that the applicant possesses an understanding of the field comparable to that normally acquired through successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in an accredited college or university. -or- D. At least 1 full academic year of professional teaching experience. This experience is defined as full and primary responsibility, under general supervision, for instruction of assigned students in an accredited school or institution. This includes responsibility for preparing and presenting lessons and for evaluating students progress, including a determination of the students success or failure according to established criteria. Serving in an assistant capacity to a professor without the authority to determine the students success or failure to meet course requirements does not meet the criterion. In addition to meeting the Basic Requirement, you must also meet the Minimum Qualifications requirements below. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Experience that equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position, and that is typically in or related to the work of the position to be filled. To be creditable, specialized experience must have been equivalent to at least the next lower grade level in the normal line of progression for the occupation in the organization. GS-15: One year of specialized experience that equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the duties of this position. This experience must be related to the work of the position and equivalent to at least the GS-14 level in the Federal service. Examples of specialized experience include: planning, organizing, directing, administering and managing system-wide the BIE's Supplemental Education programs, services, functions and activities; implementing Supplemental Education programs and IDEA statutory requirements; responsible for system-wide budget formulation and executing of finances through the initiation and oversight of fund distributions to schools and agencies; developing and implementing supplemental education goals, objectives, policies and priorities, service programs, and procedures to ensure efficiency of operations; and serving as a supervisor for program staff. Only experience and education obtained by the closing date of this announcement will be considered. Time-In-Grade Requirements: Merit Promotion (status) candidates must have completed one year (52 weeks) of service at the next lower grade level. Education EDUCATION: Transcripts MUST be uploaded and electronically linked from USAJOBS at the time you apply and MUST include identifying information to include School Name, Student Name, credit hours, major, and grade-point average or class ranking, degree and date awarded. All academic degrees and coursework must be completed at a college or university that has obtained accreditation or pre-accreditation status from an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Applicants are responsible for providing documentation that the educational requirements have been met. To qualify based on education you must submit a legible copy of your transcripts. Official transcripts are required upon selection if you qualified based on education. Education must have been obtained from an accredited or pre-accredited institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education in order for it to be credited towards qualifications. Education completed in foreign colleges or universities may be used to meet the above requirements if you can show that the foreign education is comparable to that received in an accredited educational institution in the United States. For further information on creditable education visit: http://www.ed.gov/admins/finaid/accred/index.html http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ous/international/usnei/us/edlite-visitus-forrecog.html Additional Information CTAP/ICTAP: Department of the Interior (DOI) Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP) procedures apply in filling this vacancy. 5 CFR 330, Career Transition Assistance for Surplus and Displaced Federal Employees requires the following order of selection for this position: a) At Bureau option, personnel actions listed in 5 CFR 330.606(b); b) Any well-qualified SSP candidate who applies within the local commuting area (Surplus and displaced employees will be given equal consideration); c) At Bureau option, personnel actions not subject to RPL; d) Qualified RPL candidates in the local commuting area; e) At Bureau discretion, any other former displaced well-qualified DOI employee, e.g. a well-qualified RPL candidate who applies from outside the local commuting area; f) Well-qualified ICTAP applicants in the local commuting area; g) Other outside applicants (other agencies, nonstatus, etc.); h) To be considered well-qualified, a CTAP/ICTAP applicant must meet the basic qualification requirements with a minimum score of 85 on the Assessment Questionnaire. If you are a veteran with preference eligibility and you are claiming 5-points veterans' preference, you must submit a copy of your DD-214 (Member Copy 4) or other proof of eligibility. If you are claiming 10-point veterans' preference, you must also submit an SF-15, "Application for 10-Point Veterans' Preference" plus the proof required by that form. Males born after 12-31-59 must be registered or exempt from Selective Service. The Bureau of Indian Education has determined that the duties of this position are suitable scheduled, situational and for emergency telework. STATUS CANDIDATES: Consideration will be given to Non-Indian applicants (Status or Reinstatement eligibles) in the absence of a qualified Indian Preference eligible. Applicants not entitled to Indian or Veteran's Preference must be Federal civilian employees with competitive status or former Federal civilian employees with reinstatement eligibility and must submit latest Notification of Personnel Action, SF-50B, as proof. VETERANS EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ACT (VEOA): Preference eligibles may apply for permanent positions (career or career-conditional appointments) under merit promotion procedures for VEOA appointments; however, veteran's preference is not a factor in these appointments. To be eligible for a VEOA appointment, a veteran must be a preference eligible OR veteran separated after 3 or more years of continuous active service performed under honorable conditions. Applicants must submit a copy of their DD-214 (Member Copy 4) for verification of eligibility. For more information about this program and to determine whether you are eligible, click here. FORMER FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: Former Federal Employees are required to indicate whether they received a Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment (VSIP) buyout in their previous employment with the Federal government, and are required to submit a copy of the applicable Notification of Personnel Action (SF-50) regarding the VSIP. The majority of individuals, who accept reemployment with the Federal government within 5 years of receiving the VSIP amount, must repay the gross amount of the separation pay prior to reemployment. NOTE: Additional selections may be made from this announcement if identical vacancies occur within 90 days from the closing date.