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Job Information

LifeBridge Health, Inc. RISK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT (RN) in Baltimore, Maryland

**Must have an active Maryland Registered Nurse (RN) license.


The Risk Management Consultant is part of the Corporate Quality department for LifeBridge Health. Under the direction of the Director of Risk Management and Patient Safety, the Risk Management Consultant leads risk identification and mitigation activities related to safety events through collaboration with patient safety officer, quality coordinators, clinicians, administrators, and leadership that address opportunities for improvement in delivery of high quality care, mitigate risk exposure, and enhance patient safety at Grace Medical Center, Sinai Hospital and other facilities in the LifeBridge Health system.

Essential Functions:


Establish consistent processes that support a proactive approach to risk reduction, patient safety, and high reliability in care delivery.Utilize the domains of Enterprise Risk Management when conducting risk assessments that include evaluation of clinical risk, human capital (staff and scope of practice), operational risks (patient complaints and staff and patient safety), hazard risk (infection prevention), technology risk (EHR issues), financial risk (reimbursement requirements), legal/regulatory risk (compliance), and strategic risk (crisis/emergency response).


Collaborate with staff, leadership, the Patient Safety Officer, and Quality Coordinators on formulation of policies and organizational changes, making recommendations as necessary that reduce risk exposure and enhance patient safety. Tasks: Participate in and provide reports and recommendations for committees addressing risk, patient safety, and quality of care issues. Identify trends in reported risk data regarding event volumes, types, and the reporting process. Share investigative information and recommended best practices as part of risk recommendations to the Quality Coordinator team members and Patient Safety Officer to aid their creation and implementation of improvement action plans that focus on risk reduction strategies, high reliability, and patient safety initiatives that mitigate actual and potential harm in the delivery of care to patients.


Monitor the event reporting process daily to initiate risk identification and investigation of reported issues. Investigate all event reports, adverse events, and near misses. Lead the Adverse Event Response Team (AERT) for appropriately identified events.


Conduct on-site proactive risk assessments and gap analyses in ambulatory settings and hospital departments. Share results and recommendations for improvement with staff, leadership, and service line Quality Coordinators to guide their improvement processes. Conduct clinical and non-clinical risk assessments and gap analyses


Provide risk management education and training to providers and staff, including Lessons Learned from patient safety and risk management events to enhance engagement from all staff in risk and safety initiatives.


Collaborate with the Legal/Insurance/Claims Department regarding potentially compensable events Tasks: Provide investigative information to the Legal Department on events identified as potentially compensable events (PCEs), including reported events and patient complaints that may become PCEs Provide investigative information to the Legal Department on events identified by the risk manager for early disclosure and resolution (CANDOR) Maintain a general knowledge of the organization’s professional and general liability insurance and claims programs, in collaboration with the Directors of Insurance, Claims, and corporate legal counsel. Refer all summons and complaints to the Legal Department


Provide resources, guidance, support, and recommendations to providers, leadership, and staff that mitigate risk, enhance patient safety, utilize the domains of ERM, and align with the concept of a high reliability organization Tasks: Serve as an on-call resource to address emergency risk, patient safety, and quality of care concerns during non-business hours. Advise leadership, associates, and insured providers on appropriate immediate risk mitigation, disclosure, and patient and staff action steps, referring issues to on-call corporate counsel and senior leadership as determined necessary by clinical and risk/safety judgment Maintain current knowledge and competency on developing trends in healthcare risk management, patient safety, high reliability and regulatory requirements


  • Basic professional knowledge; equivalent to a Bachelor's degree, working knowledge of theory and practice within a specialized field

  • Bachelor's degree required, Master's degree preferred

  • 3-5 years of experience

  • Active Maryland Registered Nurse License (RN)

  • CPHRM preferred