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Veeam Software Analyst (Product Management) in Berlin, Germany

Overall, the job assumes that you will be helping the Product Manager to improve the company’s products. It involves digging through technical things and finding answers to questions that you may not even fully understand (yet). Your tasks will include: * 1. Learning the products Understand how things work and why something has been built to work the way it works. 2. Pinpointing unhappiness Find things that can be improved and make our customers even happier. 3. Inventing Come up with improvement ideas, formulate concepts, then present and defend it. *What we expect from you: * 1. Education and experience * Hands-on experience in IT (3-4 years as an admin, technical support engineer, or a similar role). An ideal candidate should have an affection towards non-Windows operating systems. 2. Technical skills * Operating systems deployment and configuration (Linux and Windows are the bare minimum). * IT infrastructure deployment and configuration (Active Directory, DNS, Networking etc.) * Must have at least the basic knowledge of virtualization solutions (VMware, Hyper-V, AHV, KVM). * Advanced internet research skills (documentation, reviews, digests, communities). 3. Other skills * Give a simple explanation to a complicated question or a problem (aka “ELI5”). * Document different stuff in a concise manner. * Analytical skills in application to software, documentation, reviews, and articles. * Strong verbal and written communication skills. * Fluent English, written and spoken. You must be able to efficiently express your thoughts in English. * Russian will be a plus. 4. You are… * … a curious and resourceful person with analytical thinking and common-sense. * … keen to try the new things and always keep your eye on what’s going on in the world. * … an out-of-the-box thinker. * Excellent professional and career opportunities in the international team of talented and energetic people. * *Welcome bonus (in amount of 2 monthly gross salaries). * Flexible working hours, no bureaucracy or formalism. * Professional trainings and education, including courses and conferences, internal meetups and unlimited access to online library. * Statutory insurances, statutory pension plan & supplementary pension plan. * Accident insurance: Worldwide 24/7 coverage of accident cases.