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Elevate Care Chicago North Baylor Weekend RN LPN in Chicago, Illinois

Elevate Care Weekend Incentive Program

The Elevate Care Weekend Incentive program requires RNs and/or LPNs to work two double 8-hour shifts each weekend.

Weekend Shifts :

Fri 11p-7a;

Sat 7a-3p; 3p-11p; 11p-7a

Sun 7a-3p; 3p-11p; 11p-7a


Additionally, the program requires working the following:

• One summer holiday (Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day)

• One winter holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day)

Upon request, employees are allowed one weekend off per quarter.


Employees who work the two double 8-hour weekend shifts (32 hours) will be paid for 32 hours a week plus a bonus equal to 8 additional hours pay.

The weekly bonus of 8 hours of pay will be forfeited in any week that employee has an absence, scheduled or unscheduled. Two instances of unscheduled absences in any one quarter will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Bonus pay is not considered compensation for additional hours worked. Accordingly, if employee works an additional shift during any week, the bonus pay of 8 hours of pay will not be calculated as additional hours worked for the purposes of over time. Bonus does not apply to any time off accruals.