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Job Information

Arnot Health Psychotherapist - Behavioral Science Unit in Elmira, New York

Job Description

MAIN FUNCTION:Develops, implements and evaluates psycho-therapeutic groups, Psycho-educational groups, stress management therapy and education groups, and expressional therapy components of the therapeutic program. Assesses, plans, implements and monitors therapeutic groups and psychotherapy activities groups and modalities at both the individual and group level. Conducts family and individual counseling sessions as required by the individual treatment plan. Coordinates the development of the individual client comprehensive treatment plan with the multi-disciplinary treatment team as assigned. Maintains appropriate Medical and departmental records. Reports to the Director of Mental Health Services.


  1. Oversees, and evaluates the rehabilitation/activities assessment part of the admissions assessment process upon admission and insures that the results are integrated into the comprehensive treatment plan for each patient. Develops and implements individualized treatment plans in conjunction with the multidisciplinary team.

    1. Facilitates the development of Comprehensive Treatment Plans in conjunction with the multidisciplinary team.

    2. Documents treatment, patient participation and progress with appropriate components of the program on a weekly basis and maintains appropriate records.

    3. Conducts group components of the therapeutic milieu program to meet the needs and interests of the patient population such as skills groups, craft groups, activities groups, stress management skills, expressive verbal and non-verbal therapies, community meetings, activities of daily living, recreational therapy and other assigned activities.

    4. Conducts psychotherapy groups daily or 1-1 contacts with patients.

    5. Participates and facilitates in programmatic planning (ad hoc groups and departmental meetings) implementation of operational changes in conjunction with members of the multidisciplinary team.

    6. Organizes and coordinates the implementation of unit /community group therapeutic activities according to the therapeutic goals and objectives of the unit. This includes creative expression activities groups and special activities and weekend group activities groups, and individualized skills activities groups, in relation to the program schedule and individual patient needs.

    7. Attends and participates in multidisciplinary treatment team meetings, conferences and responds to duress alarm alerts.

    8. Assists the patients in responding constructively to the milieu treatment program with the goal of discharge to home and community. With the psychiatrists, coordinates the schedule for assigned family counseling meetings and provides both individual and family counseling. Assists in identified related case management needs and issues that will be required to be addressed for safe discharge of the patient and coordinates these needs with the BSU Case Manager.

  2. Attends and participates in staff meetings and departmental meetings.

  3. Works with the Administration in maintaining cost control in the overall operation of the therapy program by adhering to departmental budget and documenting expenditures.

    a. Monitors and maintains inventory of educational materials, supplies/creative expressional supplies, and stress management group materials.

  4. Assures the availability of all recreational therapy and expressional therapy equipment.

  5. Attends and participates in Unit in-service education. Provides in-service education to Unit staff as required.

  6. Coordinates with the day and evening nursing charge nursing staff the involvement of nursing personnel in the creative expression and education component of the therapy program.

  7. Attends internal and external meetings and conferences relevant to position, Unit and/or the Hospital.

  8. Participates in various departmental activities with community groups as necessary to provide the optimal understanding of the Behavioral Science Unit.

  9. Develops and maintains appropriate statistical information and descriptive information concerning the therapy activities within the department. Assists in the development, implementation and data collection of quality assurance activities.

  10. Serves as liaison between the inpatient program and community agencies. Develops and maintains a working knowledge of community resources and agencies.

  11. Develops and maintains appropriate statistics concerning group activities and patient participation within the department.

  12. Maintains professional competence by achieving a satisfactory rating on performance appraisal through scheduling and participation in mandated and continuing education programs, which include: DNV, OSHA, Behavioral Management Training, Legal Status Test/Review and age specific patient growth and development.

  13. Promotes and fosters the mission and philosophy of Arnot Health during performance of job duties and community activities.

  14. Actively supports and participates in the Hospital's Performance Improvement endeavors.

  15. Performs other related duties as assigned.

  16. This position requires you to follow standard precaution guidelines in all work situations.

  17. Is responsible for attending all annual mandatory educational programs as required by position.

  18. Employee understands and demonstrates the importance of satisfying the needs of the customer/patient by interacting with him/her in a friendly and caring way, being attentive to the customer’s needs, both psychologically and physically, and by taking the initiative to maintain communication with the customer in order to provide a secure and pleasant experience with the Arnot Health.

  19. It is understood that this job description lists typical duties for the classification and is not to be considered inclusive of all duties which may be assigned.

EDUCATION:M.S., or M.A.. in Mental Health counseling, psychotherapist, Marriage and Family Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling or Specified creative arts therapy counselor or Adult Education acceptable to N.Y.S. Department of Education for credentialing under the requirements for licensure as a Mental Health Counselor.

Eligibility for NYS licensure by the N.Y.S.D.E. Board for Mental Health Practitioners with completion of License according to the time requirements of the New York State Department of Education for License of Mental Health Practitioners meeting the license requirements for Mental Health Counseling,Psychotherapist, Marriage and Family Counseling or specified creative expression area counselor. PMCS Training (Preventing and Managing Crisis Situations).

EXPERIENCE:One to two years experience in a psychiatric setting is highly desirable. If such experience is lacking the minimum requirement is a psychology internship, Marriage and Family Therapy internship, Psychotherapy internship ,or Expressional Therapy affiliation during undergraduate / graduate work may be considered.

CARDIOPULMONARY RESUSCITATION:Basic Life Support (BLS) within 90 days of hire date.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS:Heavy lifting, bending, reaching, standing - physically active during the work hours. May be involved with physical restraint activities with psychiatric inpatients.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. Understanding, patience and tact in dealing with Hospital personnel, medical staff, patients, families and representatives of other agencies. Demonstrates communication skills effective for therapeutic, yet comfortable, patient interaction. 2. Excellent verbal and written abilities in communicating and compiling written reports. 3. Alertness and skill in making observations and in reporting them. 4. Trustworthy in safeguarding confidential information. 5. This position requires total access to the medical record.