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Goddard School Office Administrator in Houston, Texas

Overview and Compensation An Office Administrator at The Goddard School is responsible for completing clerical and administrative tasks for the preschool. Additionally, the Office Administrator may be responsible for certain business tasks as delegated by other management members. General Qualifications An Office Administrator must meet the qualifications of his/her state and those set forth in the National Standards for Hiring (see www.bls.gov), including the following: * Ability to hear the conversational voice, with or without a hearing aid * Ability to see and read newsprint, with or without corrective lenses * Ability to speak and be understood under normal circumstances * Ability to use arms, hands, legs, and feet, with or without corrective devices; this includes the ability to evacuate the building during emergencies * Ability to handle crisis situations, especially where children are involved * Ability to respond immediately to emergency situations * Previous management experience in a licensed childcare facility or experience managing faculty/staff preferred  Educational Qualifications All candidates, including those who wish to be considered for the position of An Office Administrator, must meet one or more of the following criteria, in addition to any/all requirements that may be mandated by their state and/or local licensing authorities:  * High school diploma, GED, or equivalent  * Two to three years' management experience in an office setting * Childcare industry experience preferred * Proficient with Microsoft Office  Office Administrator's Responsibilities An Office Administrator responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following: ADMINISTRATIVE * Plan and schedule administrative duties * Maintain accurate record-keeping, both state and GSI requirements (eg, children’s files, faculty files) * Prepare reports * Manage classroom scheduling/schedule faculty * Maintain a list of local agencies able to help children with special needs * Maintain a list of local pediatricians, dentists, etc. * Conduct disaster drills (eg, fire, tornado) in accordance with GSI QA Standards and state licensing requirements * Maintain compliance with GSI QA Standards * Maintain a school inventory (eg, snacks, supplies) FISCAL * Operate the School within budget * Arrange for maintenance and repairs * Manage petty cash * Purchase classroom equipment and supplies (indoor and outdoor) * Maintain budget and/or purchase school supplies and snack LICENSING * Maintain a positive relationship with licensing agent/agency * Maintain current licensing documentation * Maintain licensing regulations PERSONNEL * Manage faculty schedule * Plan/implement in-service meetings for faculty PROGRAM, PROGRAM SUPPORT, and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT * Conduct monthly classroom observations * Promote active participation in GSU * Actively participate in professional organizations, conferences and lectures PROGRAM/CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT * Conduct classroom ratio checks * Help implement monthly themes * Incorporate GSI curriculum resources * Plan and implement a year-round calendar * Schedule shared classroom and outdoor space and equipment * Plan and implement procedures for maintaining accurate classroom records * Provide faculty assistance with lesson plan preparation and theme development * Review Daily Activity Reports periodically * Review children’s portfolios regularly * Ensure that each classroom has an effective management system in place * Plan and implement visitors/activities * Develop and implement a nutritious snack program * Develop and implement a transition system * Implement a playground safety program SALES AND MARKETING * Welcome all visitors to the School * Answer the telephone and use the GSI telephone script * Conduct tours according to the GSI tour guidelines * Follow through with all prospective customers * Enroll new families * Develop and maintain customer relations * Implement an orientation program for new families * Maintain a system of home-school communication (eg, Daily Activity Reports, school newsletter) * Conduct meetings with parent(s)/legal guardian(s) when necessary * Develop and maintain community relations