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Job Information

WTW Hongkong International P&B - Advisor in Mumbai, India

KPI Management

  • Deliver as per the KPI's defined for the role. To always maintain set SLA Accuracy/quality, TAT standards prescribed by the Business Unit. Manage work load/ volumes and delivery expectations as per business requirement

  • Develop a sound understanding of the business process.

  • Update work tracker and time tracking tools accurately and on real time basis

  • Complete ad-hoc tasks as directed by Team Leader.

  • Ensure adherence to compliance and operate within the guidelines of internal and external regulators. Ensure that all statutory and company procedures are followed while processing work to protect clients, colleagues and the business interests of the company.

Operations Management/Operational Effectiveness

  • Participate and contribute in team huddles.

  • Proactively support key initiatives that have been delivered to implement change.

  • To ensure any feedback (including breach/errors) found in the process is informed to the team Manager instantly.

Relationship management

  • Ensure ongoing, effective relationships with stakeholders (Internal/external)


  • Minimum bachelor’s degree required. Preferred Commerce or Insurance background

Functional Competencies: (Skill levels are for managerial reference only)

Functional Competency


Skill Level while Hiring


Analytical skills refer to the ability to research, collect, interpret, analyze and problem solve information (includes numerical and graphical).



Typing skills refers to the process of inputting text by pressing keys of the computer at the required speed and accuracy levels.


Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is the ability to achieve thoroughness, accuracy and completeness when accomplishing a task.


MS Office

Having the requisite knowledge level and understanding of MS Office


Communications Skills

Communication skills refer to the ability to comprehend, articulate and respond effectively to information in a logical manner through verbal and written mediums.



Technical refers to the process and system knowledge that is essential for undertaking the job.



Basic minimum understanding of the Business/Area of alignment


Time Management

Time Management refers to the ability of organizing and planning division of your time between specific activities



Com petency

Behaviour Anchors /Dimensions


Focusing on Customers

Identifying Needs

Identifies individual customer needs by listening to and taking note of direct requests.

Developing Relationships

Develops relationships with individual customers by responding to routine requests satisfactorily.

Developing Solutions

Develops straightforward solutions, based on past experience, to address customer needs.

Adjusting to Change

Thinking Positively

Demonstrates a positive attitude; is cheerful and recovers well from setbacks.

Embracing Change

Copes with change and new challenges relating to own work tasks; shows tolerance for uncertainty and escalates to manager when clarity is required.

Inviting Feedback

Seeks out and responds appropriately to positive and negative feedback.

Processing Details

Meeting Timescales

Completes work to deadline by staying on schedule.

Checking Things

Reviews own work thoroughly, identifying and correcting any errors to produce high quality output.

Following Procedures

Complies with rules and professional standards, following set working procedures.

Structuring Tasks

Managing Tasks

Arranges own work methodically and prioritizes tasks.

Upholding Standards

Upholds ethical standards of behaviour and honors commitments.

Producing Output

Works quickly on different tasks or assignments.