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State of Massachusetts Assistant Electronic Monitoring (ELMO) Coordinator in Off of the Comm of Probation, Massachusetts

ALL APPLICANTS MUST APPLY DIRECTLY THROUGH THE TRIAL COURT EMPLOYMENT PAGE LINKED BELOW. * https://trialcourtinternaljobs.jud.state.ma.us/jobs/assistant-electronic-monitoring-elmo-coordinator-clinton-massachusetts-united-states-745f5a5c-2bdd-4fa0-a1d8-84d0798dd43f *IF YOU APPLY THROUGH THE APPLY ONLINE LINK ABOVE ON THIS MASS CAREERS PAGE YOU*WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED*FOR THIS POSITION. * *PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING LINK TO APPLY (CUT AND PASTE INTO YOUR BROWSER IF THE EMBEDDED LINK DOES NOT WORK): * https://trialcourtinternaljobs.jud.state.ma.us/jobs/assistant-electronic-monitoring-elmo-coordinator-clinton-massachusetts-united-states-745f5a5c-2bdd-4fa0-a1d8-84d0798dd43f You have successfully applied to the position when you receive an email from theMassachusetts Trial Court. If you only receive an email from MassCareers, you HAVE NOT successfully applied. Please call 617-742-8575 with any questions. *Departmental Mission Statement: The Massachusetts Probation Service’s mission is to increase community safety, reduce recidivism, contribute to the fair and equitable administration of justice, support victims and survivors, and assist individuals and families in achieving long term positive change. ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE: https://www.mass.gov/orgs/massachusetts-probation-service Notes: *The Electronic Monitoring Program is a 24 hour/7 day a week program of the Massachusetts Probation Service located at the Probation Training Academy in Clinton, MA. Employees are assigned to work one of the following shifts: first shift (7 A.M. to 3 P.M.); second shift (3 P.M. to 11 P.M.); third shift (11 P.M. to 7 A.M.). Applicants must indicate the shifts they are interested in working in the screening question when asked. A successful candidate may need to be available to work night and weekend shifts as the operational needs of the program require. The successful candidate must also be available to work extended shifts when it is required to maintain continuous coverage during shift changes. *Position Summary: SUMMARY OF SERIES: Working within the Office of the Commissioner of Probation (OCP), the Assistant ELMO Coordinator is responsible for monitoring individuals placed on the Massachusetts Probation Services Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP). Such monitoring of probationers and parolees occurs by means of electronic monitoring bracelets, satellite tracking devices, and other specialized equipment. The Assistant ELMO Coordinator shall be available to respond to local probation staff relative to the operation of the EMP. The position title above the entry level performs more varied and complex work. Employees are hired at the entry level and are eligible for reclassification to the higher level position title within this series consistent with the specifications for the higher level position title. The position title reverts to the entry level when there is a vacancy. ORGANIZATIONAL LEVELS: This position is part of a series that includes a number of levels. Employees are appointed to the entry level and are eligible to advance to the higher levels consistent with this job description and Trial Court policies. /Assistant ELMO Coordinator I:/ This is the entry level position title within this series. Employees at this level are expected to perform the full range of entry level duties and to train for the higher level. /Assistant ELMO Coordinator II:/ This is the second level position title within this series. Employees at this level are expected to perform higher level duties which require more knowledge of policies and procedures and to exercise more independent judgment. SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Receives direction and supervision from the Deputy Commissioner for Program Management or his/her designee. Duties: Assistant ELMO Coordinator I Duties: Maintains schedules of offenders; Reviews and changes schedules within established guidelines; Investigates and responds to minor violations or violations caused by equipment failure or a false positive reading. Notifies the appropriate Chief Probation Officer; Answers routine inquiries from court and other public safety personnel regarding availability of the EMP; Collects relevant data on resources and referrals, maintains data bases, prepares reports on a regular basis, attends all scheduled meetings and presents accurate accounts of information regarding the EMP process; Maintains contact and develops working relationships with local probation departments and outside agencies as needed; Maintains accurate and reliable records; Prepares statistical and narrative reports for Program Manager and Electronic Monitoring Coordinators; Performs related duties as required. /Assistant ELMO Coordinator II Duties:/ A minimum of three years of experience as an Assistant ELMO Coordinator I; Investigates and responds to more serious violations. Notifies the appropriate Chief Probation Officer; Demonstrated ability to investigate violations to differentiate between minor and serious violations and to respond appropriately; Assists in deployment of Electronic Monitoring equipment; Considerable knowledge of the probation service and standards of the Electronic Monitoring Program; Addresses more complex inquires from court and other public safety personnel regarding availability of the EMP; Assists in preparing training materials and in the actual training of court staff; Prepares more detailed and complex reports; Performs special projects; Performs all of the duties of the entry level position title; Performs related duties as required. Job Competencies: All applicants must be able, through the interview process, demonstrate proficiency in the following competencies: /Ethics and Values/ Communicates and demonstrates the ethics and values of both the Probation Service and the Trial Court. /Mission and Vision/ Understands, upholds, and communicates the stated organizational mission and vision. /Dependability/ Appreciates the importance of being on time and prepared to work attentively and accurately during all assigned working hours. /Customer Service/ Conducts oneself in a courteous and professional manner towards both Trial Court employees and the public. /Adaptability/ Understands the need to occasionally alter one's duties to appropriately address changing court conditions at any moment. /Problem Solving/ Assesses issues that arise and recommends and facilitates appropriate solutions. /Commitment to Diversity/ Promotes an environment of diversity through understanding, respect, and positive communication with persons of varied racial, ethnic, economic, and cultural backgrounds. /Collaboration/ Works with others cooperatively, demonstrating a willingness to be a team player, and contributing to a work environment that focuses on shared departmental goals. /Continuous Learning/ Is actively committed to and actively works to continuously improve him/herself. Minimum Requirements: These are the minimum requirements necessary to apply for the position of Asst. ELMO Coordinator I: Associates Degree in criminal justice, public or business administration, social services, or a related field from an accredited college or university; or an equivalent combination of education and relevant experience; and 2 years of work experience in the Trial Court, criminal justice, or other social services. OTHER POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with court officials and outside agencies; Ability to communicate clearly in both an oral and written form; Knowledge of and ability to use personal computers and related software including MS Office; Ability to maintain accurate records; Ability to establish work priorities and work independently; A successful candidate must be available to work night and weekend shifts as the operational needs of the program require. The successful candidate must also be available to work extended shifts when it is required to maintain continuous coverage during shift changes. Job: Administrative Services* *Organization: Commissioner of Probation Office *Title: *Assistant Electronic Monitoring (ELMO) Coordinator Location: Massachusetts-Off of the Comm of Probation Requisition ID: 230006NR