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Amazon HR Business Partner in Osaka, Japan


HRBP for Reliability and Maintenance Engineering - Maintenance (RME-M) function in rapid growth supports HR life cycle of the function and provides a scalable talent strategies for the client's successes and betterment. We are looking for an organized self-starter to take actions to solve client's challenges as an HR Business Partner.

About the Role

The role of HRBP for RME-M is to contribute to organizational and cultural development of the function by providing solutions and coaching as an influential business partner in talent acquisition, people management, talent development, performance management and engagement. In addition, it is also required to respond to HR related day to day queries from RME-M employees. HRBP flexibly responds to changes in business, operations, and surrounding environment and provide insights and solutions via way of HR-related data analysis and advice, implementation of new initiatives, project management within HR or with clients, and revision of internal regulations in response to domestic legislation.

About RME-M

Maintenance arm of Reliability and Maintenance Engineering (RME-M) ensures highly automated processes for faster delivery and cost-efficient operations based on kaizen and the maintenance of multiple kinds of Material Handling Equipment, Amazon Robotics (AR), and sortation technologies etc. and its employees are stationed in sites (fulfillment center, delivery station, sort center) across Japan.

Key Responsibilities

· Support client groups ranging from 150 employees to 1000+ employees in multiple locations throughout Japan

· Handles daily inquiries from employees and managers either remotely or directly.

· Coach and advise business leaders and managers with regards to organization and people related agenda.

· Lead and mentor leaders through the performance improvement processes.

· Supports managers and associates to be able to contribute to the organization for a long time by implementing programs and improving existing processes.

· Identifies real problems and provides the right solution with speed and flexibility while considering compliance

· Discovers organizational issues with data and makes data-driven recommendations to business leaders

· Prepare and facilitate HR related events and meetings such as Talent Reviews, All employee gathering events, training/team-building sessions

· Collaborate with other teams within HR and promote and deploy key initiatives

· Address the ambiguous and fast-paced issues that arise each time as a strategic and hands-on HR partner

· Create a positive working environment that is comfortable to work in through collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, including legal, employee relations, finance, and internal and external stakeholders, as well as business teams and other HR teams

In a rapidly changing environment, HRBP needs to respond to ambiguous and diverse tasks and challenges at the same time, considering priorities. You also need the ability to make accurate decisions as an HR through communication with many stakeholders. HRBP requires excellent written and verbal communication skills, and facilitation skills.

*Amazon is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Amazon is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or other legally protected status. For individuals with disabilities who would like to request an accommodation, visit https://www.amazon.jobs/disability/jp

More Information (Japanese Only)

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*Business you will be responsible for: Japan Customer Fulfillment Solutions (https://www.amazon.co.jp/b?node=5637342051)

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Amazon Japan Operationsでは、Reliability and Maintenance Engineering- Maintenanceチーム(RME-M)担当のHR Business Partnerを募集しています。RME-Mチームで働く社員を人事面からサポートし、組織の秩序や安全等のルールを重視しながらも柔軟に環境変化に対応できる強い組織となるよう、人事戦略を立案・実行することがミッションのポジションです。チームの人事パートナーとして、課題を解決するために行動を起こすことができる自発的な人材を求めています。当社の物流網は成長を続けており、物流拠点のメンテナンスチームであるRME-Mも急拡大しています。今回は、担当チームの人員増に伴い、人事担当者の増員を行うことによる募集となります。


HRBP for RME-Mの役割は、人材獲得、人材管理、人材開発、業績管理、エンゲージメントなど多岐に亘ります。チームで発生する人事課題に対して、パートナーとしてソリューションを提供することを通じて、組織の成長ならびに、生産性や安全性の追求を大切にする組織文化づくりに貢献していただきます。RME-Mのチームメンバーからの人事関連の日常的な問い合わせへの対応から、日本全国の拠点にまたがる組織の人事施策に関するビジネスリーダーとの協議、検討まで、幅広い業務に携わっていただくことができます。















・担当するチームだけでなく、法務、Employee Relationship、財務、他部門担当の人事など、社内外の幅広いステークホルダーと協業し、正確な意思決定を行う



Reliability and Maintenance Engineering(RME-M)のメンテナンス部門は、当社の物流拠点(Fulfillment Center, Delivery Station, Sort Center)の各種マテハン機器、Amazon Robotics(AR)、仕分け設備などの保守・保全及びカイゼン活動を通じ、迅速な配送と費用対効果の高い運用のための高度に自動化されたプロセスを実現するチームです。メンバーは全国の拠点に所属しています。

"Amazon は多様かつインクルーシブな職場づくりを目指しています。Amazonは男女雇用機会均等法を順守しています。人種、 出身国、性別、性的指向、障がい、年齢、その他の属性によって差別することなく、平等に採用選考の機会を提供しています。障がいをお持ちの方は、以下をご覧ください。https://www.amazon.jobs/disability/jp

オペレーション部門のDEIの取り組み(Japanese Only) (https://www.amazon.co.jp/career/DEI) "


・所属部門: 人事

・職種: 人事

・勤務地: 東京オフィス



・ 人事部門の社員インタビューはこちら


カスタマーサービス(CS)部門/東京オフィス勤務の社員K.I.さん (https://www.amazon.co.jp/b?node=8495998051)


人事部門/川口FC勤務の社員M.K.さん (https://www.amazon.co.jp/b?node=10580590051)

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Osaka, 27, JPN | Tokyo, 13, JPN

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree or relevant experience

  • 5+ years HR experience

  • Fluent level Japanese and business level English

  • 大学卒業もしくはそれに準ずる経験をしていること

  • 5年以上の人事経験

  • 流暢な日本語とビジネスレベルの英語

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience as HR Business Partner

  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.

  • Strong business and HR acumen, including strong problem solving skills, critical thinking, and analysis.

  • Ability to deal with ambiguous situations in a fast-paced environment.

  • Global/Cross-cultural experience.

  • Excited about working in a diverse group and contributing to an inclusive culture.

  • HRビジネスパートナー経験

  • 書面、口頭の両方における高いコミュニケーション能力

  • ビジネス、人事上の鋭い洞察力(問題解決力、批判的思考力、分析力を含む)

  • 変化の速い環境下で曖昧さに対処する能力

  • 国際的な経験または異文化経験

  • インクルーシブなカルチャーへの貢献や多様性に富んだグループで働くことに対して前向きであること。

Please check the website below for measures to eliminate unwanted second-hand smoking in each facility:




The salary information can be provided individually prior to the 1st interview