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State of Massachusetts Assistant District Attorney in Salem, Massachusetts

Assistant District Attorney PLEASE SUBMIT RESUME AND COVER LETTER TO EASHiring@mass.gov An Assistant District Attorney assigned to the District Court Division works under the supervision of the Deputy First Assistant District Attorney, the Director of Training and the Deputy Director of Training. An Assistant District Attorney is an employee of theCommonwealthofMassachusettsand serves at the pleasure of the District Attorney. The duties and responsibilities of a District Court Assistant District Attorney include: Represent the Commonwealth before the Judges and Clerks of the District and Juvenile Courts; Represent the Commonwealth, as assigned before the Judges and Clerks of the Superior Court; Represent the Commonwealth, as assigned before the Judges and Clerks of the appellate courts of the Commonwealth; Present Youthful Offender and Adult cases as assigned to the Grand Jury; Evaluate cases, identify evidentiary issues, and take appropriate corrective action at the earliest possible pre-trial stage; Thoroughly review appropriateness of charges at the arraignment and pretrial conference stages and take corrective action where warranted; Become familiar with and adhere to office policies and procedures; Become familiar with and adhere to office policies regarding sentencing recommendations; Promptly send Direct Indictment Memos to the main office; Notify the Deputy First Assistant or her designee of any high profile, newsworthy cases that might attract media attention; Notify the Director of Media Relations of any high profile or newsworthy cases and direct all media inquiries at all stages of the criminal proceedings to his attention; Consult with supervisory staff regarding any charging concessions, nolle prosequi or partial nolle prosequi filings consistent with office policy and procedures; Research legal issues and prepare motions and memoranda of law, whenever necessary; Thoroughly prepare assigned cases for trial and ensure that all witnesses have been properly notified in advance of trial; Become familiar with and adhere to the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct; Become familiar with Massachusetts law and procedure regarding suppression matters, grand jury practice, jury selection, evidence, opening statements and closing arguments; Read and utilize the Massachusetts Prosecutor’s Guide and the Model Jury Instructions for Use in the District Court on a regular basis; Research and handle all assigned post conviction motions on cases including motions to revise and revoke and motions for new trial; Promptly notify the appeals division of the following: any case in which a motion to suppress or dismiss is allowed that might bear further review; any case in which any appeal pleadings are filed including notices of appeal and applications for interlocutory appeal by defendant; any case in which any appellate court contacts our office. Promptly notify the Deputy First Assistant, her designee and the appeals division of the following: any other motions including motions for new trial and motions to withdraw guilty plea that are decided adversely to the Commonwealth where appellate action may be appropriate; Conduct and attend trainings as assigned; Handle any additional duties and responsibilities assigned by the District Attorney or his designee; Private practice of law directly or indirectly is prohibited, whether compensated or not. Also, the Assistant District Attorney performs whatever other duties at whatever job-site as may from time to time be assigned to her/him by the District Attorney, or the Deputy First Assistant District Attorney or other designee of the District Attorney. Assistant District Attorneys should expect to travel to any courthouse in Essex County. In addition to these above responsibilities the Assistant District Attorney is required: * To be familiar with and to follow the provisions of the Essex District Attorney’s Office Personnel Policies, and the Sexual Harassment Protocol, * To participate in trainings relevant to Office functions, * To communicate with or provide timely notification to Office staff, police, and other interested parties, as permitted and/or required by law; * To interact in a respectful and professional manner with the public, judicial and law enforcement personnel and Office staff, * To complete work assignments in a timely manner. The essential functions of the position require the effective ability to receive and distribute information in written, oral, and electronic form, in the English language. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: * J.D. Degree from an accredited law school and a member of good standing of the Massachusetts Bar Job: Legal Services* *Organization: Eastern (Essex) DA Office *Title: *Assistant District Attorney Location: Massachusetts-Salem - 10 Federal Street Requisition ID: 2200092C