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KidsPeace Childrens Hospital MENTAL HEALTH TECHNICIAN NC in VARINA, North Carolina

The Mental Health Technician is responsible for providing supervision and direction to emotionally and behaviorally challenged children and adolescents in a compassionate and respectful manner. This includes supervising the morning routines of children/adolescents and ensuring the completion of proper self care tasks. This responsibility also includes demonstrating a variety of counseling and parenting skills, which support the formation of trusting, supportive relationships with the children/adolescents. This also includes requiring an unwavering commitment to the safety and children/adolescents and being aware of all ongoing developments and concerns, on a daily basis of all children/adolescents in their care. Additionally, this position participates in the development and implementation of individualized treatment plans and unit programs, which are designed to meet the special needs of the children/adolescents.

Must attend 12 hours of Person Centered Thinking training prior to or within 90 days of hire.

High School graduate or equivalent required; Bachelor's Degree in Mental Health or related field preferred.

Some experience with acute emotionally challenged children or adolescents preferred.

Valid driver's license preferred. SCM certification and CPR/First Aid certification required.

Must possess basic personal computer knowledge and skills.

Must be at least 21 years of age.

Must have the ability to work evenings, weekends, holidays, flexible hours, and overtime as required.

Ensure a safe and secure environment. Act immediately to remove all dangers or threats to the welfare of the children/adolescents and know the whereabouts of all children/adolescents in your care at all times.

Demonstrate skills in the areas of relationship building, appropriate boundaries and role modeling with children/adolescents.

Supervise daily routines and responsibilities of children/adolescents and ensure performance of daily self care tasks assisting when necessary. Provide minor first aid treatment when necessary.

Supervise the morning routines of the children/adolescents in a supportive, professional manner.

Complete all clerical tasks, shopping needs, and housekeeping responsibilities, supply ordering and other errands or duties.

Provide transportation when necessary.

Fully perform restraints as necessary when ordered by a licensed profession using the current approved KidsPeace restraint methodology on youth who may weigh in excess of 250 pounds and who are verbally and/or physically threatening or otherwise presenting a threat to themselves or others.

Complete 40 hours of training per calendar year in accordance with all corporate and regulatory requirements.

Understand and comply with all laws, regulations and ethical practices. Understand the duty to report a belief of a violation of laws, regulations, standards and ethical practices.

All other duties as assigned by management.